“Sensational Showdown: Kejriwal and Singh Face Legal Battle Over PM Modi’s Academic Background!”

Arvind Kejriwal and Sanjay Singh, leaders of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), approached the Chief Justice of the Gujarat High Court on October 6 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, but he declined to become involved at that time since another court had rejected allowing an early hearing in a related defamation case. This was in reference to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s academic background.

An urgent hearing on the AAP leaders’ pleas to vacate the summons issued by a lower court in the defamation case against them was asked by their attorney, Om Kotwal, earlier in the day. Justice J.C. Doshi of the High Court had received the motion. With reference to the Supreme Court’s directives to give cases involving MPs and MLAs priority, Kotwal informed Justice Doshi that their petitions were at the bottom of the cause list and there was no chance of a hearing for the day.

In addition, Kotwal referred to “Note Number 9” in the roster regulations of the High Court, which specifies that such matters should be given precedence. But after a pause, Kotwal contacted Chief Justice Sunita Agrawal after Justice Doshi turned down the request.

When Chief Justice Agrawal advised contacting the appropriate bench, Kotwal retorted, “Today is the 5th, but the case has not been heard.” What can we do? the Chief Justice responded.I am unable to control the benches’ boards. There are restrictions. I am unable to assist you. Step up to the appropriate bench. It is beyond of my purview. Don’t put the Chief Justice in an awkward situation. Sorry.”

Similar to the previous creation of a separate bench for bail cases, Justice Agrawal promised that she will create a special bench solely for the hearing of dismissed cases. “Once the burden of bail cases lightens, I’ll establish a dedicated panel for addressing dismissed cases,” she commented.So, don’t be alarmed.

The September 14 judgement of the sessions court dismissing the Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal and AAP Rajya Sabha member Singh’s requests for the quashing of summonses issued against them by Gujarat University in the defamation case was challenged in the High Court. When AAP leaders petitioned the High Court to overturn the Sessions Court’s order, the High Court also rejected their request for an interim stay of the case.

Kejriwal and Singh were charged with defamation in a lawsuit brought by the registrar of Gujarat University on April 15 for statements they reportedly made that were “derogatory” to the university and its reputation in a news conference and on their former Twitter accounts.
They made caustic words, according to the complainant, with the deliberate and knowing purpose to damage the university’s reputation.

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