“SHOCKING! Bajrang Punia’s Career Ends in Humiliating 0-10 Defeat to Japanese Wrestler – What Went Wrong?”

A seasoned wrestler fought valiantly to defeat his Japanese opponent on Friday in the wrestling event for the bronze medal. Yes, Bajrang Punia had a determined expression on his face as he stepped onto the mat for the fourth and last time. He appeared to be trying to make up for a recent setback. He had 89 seconds remaining in the bout, according to the electronic scoreboard, but Keki Yamaguchi had other ideas. The 2021 Olympic silver medallist suffered a humiliating loss of 0-10 (he gave up two one-pointers before taking four two-point takedowns). On the basis of technical superiority, the Japanese wrestler had won the match.

This wasn’t wholly unexpected. Yamaguchi, 24, was swift and agile, whereas Punia, 29, seemed like he was struggling with a huge backpack on his shoulders. He was sluggish, lacked quick reflexes, and appeared to be operating on distinct frequencies from his body. This 0-10 loss—which was identical to his last loss at the 2022 World Championships by the same margin—could have been a swift reaction, but it marked the end of his career. Since his last competition had been a year prior (as previously indicated), his departure from Hangzhou without a medal wasn’t altogether unexpected either. Additionally, this was his first time competing as a 65 kg freestyle wrestler; in his prior multi-sport competitions, He received medals in the form of gold at Tokyo, Birmingham, Jakarta, and elsewhere.

Perhaps it becomes clear why such an incident is such a horrific sight when you watch it unfold in real time. A figure like a fallen gladiator with a determined expression couldn’t share the same postcode as his Japanese colleagues. This was clear for a very long time. Punia, who was once unstoppable, was battling to win the match without a strategy. He had given up on the competition and had no way to launch an attack. He was simply anticipating the lovely voice of the referee to announce the conclusion of the match.

He only ever attempted one attack, and when he failed, he came back from the game wearing a bandage on his forearm. His eyes were filled with sadness and agony as he moved unabated across a mixed zone. Afterwards, Yamaguchi remarked, “I knew his style.” “He is a famous wrestler, and I came prepared for him, and my mindset was that I am just going for the win.”

He will be questioned on whether it was the proper decision to compete directly for the quota that was allotted to him rather than going through the selection process. The decision by the officials to give him the quota after he missed 13 months of wrestling competition will also be called into question.

The wrestler’s day got off to a good start. He advanced to the semifinals after a tense 4-0 victory over Bahrain’s Aliabeg Aliabegov in the VP-Olympic Qualifiers, but Ronil Tubog defeated him 10-0 due to technical superiority. Reaching the semifinals without dropping a single point was a strong start in the defense of his gold for someone who only started practicing in July.

In the semifinals, discipline at the very top was waiting for him. Rahman Amouzadkhili, the 2022 World Champion of Iran, was presently ranked third in the world. This demonstrated that one was performing at the pinnacle of their game while the other was returning to the mat after a 13-month absence. The scoreboard indicated an 8-1 lead after six minutes, but the Iranian already knew he would win because of his control on the match.

In the second period, he performed a technique that culminated in a four-point takedown that sent Punia’s back falling to the mat, which caused a modest but tremendous clamor in the little wrestling arena of Lin’an, a town outside of Hangzhou that is about an hour’s drive from the metropolis. For a very short period of time, Lin’an has an urban feel to it, yet it is ready to show the world who it is. There are the majority of the tall structures, several of which are under development. For a little period of time, it is the center of life. Punia, though, described it as traveling into death.

Although Paris is still a long way off, it’s not difficult to imagine what the wrestler’s future holds. He has been demonstrating against the administrators of wrestling in India for the most of 2023. He has given up his time for exposure travels, training, and competitions even though he has emerged as a supporter of the female wrestlers who have demanded justice in response to the numerous complaints of harassment against Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh (former WFI President). The remainder of the bout will take place on the mat.

India won three medals in wrestling on the day that Punia had to deal with humiliation. Aman Sahrawat, a bright athlete for the nation’s sport’s future, took third following a challenging match in the repechage. He was also accountable for Sonam and Kiran’s medals due to repechage.

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