“Shocking Decline: Delhi’s Government Schools Lose Over 30,000 Students! What’s Behind This Educational Exodus?”

“The current academic year 2023-24 has seen a decrease in the student population in Delhi’s government schools, with the number declining by more than 30,000 in comparison to the previous session. This information was revealed in response to an RTI (Right to Information) request. Following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the student count in government schools during the 2022-23 academic session stood at 17,89,385. However, it has dropped to 17,58,986 in the current academic year, marking a decrease of 30,399 students.

This data was provided by the Directorate of Education (DoE) in Delhi in response to an RTI application. Delhi boasts a total of 1,050 government schools and 37 ‘Dr. BR Ambedkar Schools of Specialized Excellence.

The information from the DoE reveals a decline in student enrollment in government schools across all districts and areas except for North West and Central Delhi. In the Northwest region, the student count for 2023-24 is 1,87,596, compared to 1,81,450 in 2022-23. Similarly, in Central Delhi’s government schools, the number of students increased to 28,922 in the current academic year, up from 27,580 in 2022-23.

Over the past four years, the student count in government schools has displayed fluctuations: 15,05,525 in 2019-20, 16,28,744 in 2020-21 during the pandemic, 17,68,911 in 2021-22, and 17,89,385 in 2022-23, as per the RTI response.

The All India Parents Association (AIPA) attributes the decline in government school enrollment in Delhi to shortcomings in the education system, citing it as the primary reason.”

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