“Government’s Game-Changing Move: LPG Prices Slashed for Ujjwala Beneficiaries! You Won’t Believe the New Rates!”

New Delhi: In a recent development, the government has increased the LPG subsidy for beneficiaries of the ‘Ujjwala’ scheme by Rs 100, bringing the cost of each refill down to Rs 603 for economically disadvantaged households, compared to the previous Rs 903 for general consumer.

This move is expected to address some of the Opposition’s concerns regarding inflation and diminish the impact of the Congress party’s initiative in Rajasthan, where cylinders were offered at Rs 500.

This marks the second significant financial assistance measure aimed at the economically weaker sections in just over a month and comes ahead of elections in politically crucial states.

On August 29, the Central Government had already reduced the price of LPG refills across the board by Rs 200. This reduction effectively doubled the relief to Rs 400 for the 9.6 crore impoverished households who had received free connections under the Ujjwala scheme, as they were already benefiting from a Rs 200 subsidy as part of the Covid relief package announced in May. Ujjwala is one of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s flagship social welfare programs.

Concurrently, the government approved an additional 75 lakh connections for women under the Ujjwala scheme, with the aim of expanding the program’s reach to more than 10.3 crore beneficiaries.

Announcing this decision, Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur stated, “Over the past nine years, significant development work has been undertaken for the welfare of women and the economically disadvantaged. Last month, on the occasion of Rakshabandhan, the price of domestic LPG was reduced by Rs 200, bringing it to approximately Rs 900. However, for Ujjwala beneficiaries, it was priced at Rs 700.”

Ujjwala beneficiaries receive their subsidies directly in their accounts, making it the world’s largest direct benefit transfer program, streamlining the distribution process for maximum efficiency and impact.”

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